Village Hall Event Reviews

A look back at some past events held at Linton Village Hall; 

Linton Village Hall Committee would like to thank The Alma and Linton Summer Sessions for their very kind donation following the brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable event held on 3rd September. We are very grateful for your generosity and your support.

Christmas Coffee Morning This was held on 3rd December and was very well attended with much coffee, mince pies and cake consumed! The chance to purchase seasonal gifts and a prize raffle all helped to raise money and thanks to the generosity of those attending we raised £200 which was donated to Ross Community Larder.


Christmas Community Lunch – combined event between Village Hall, Volt and St.Marys.


Linton Wine Club celebrated all things fizzy; champagne, cava and prosecco at their meeting in December. The next is planned for early Spring, so check this page, or join the LVH newsletter for news of the date.


Linton Wine Club

We held our third meeting on 8th April 2022. Instead of tasting a range of red or white wines, the focus was on one grape variety – Syrah. The syrah grape is the 7th. most popular wine making grape and grown across the world. It is a major component of wine in France, Australia, South Africa, South America and California. It is a very ancient grape variety. Modern genetic studies have established it is a cross between 2 grape varieties originally found in the French Alps about 2000 years ago.

We were able to taste 7 different bottles of wine. Most were made in France, but our first taste came from a wine made in Australia. When looking for photographs to accompany each wine, I was very amused to find pictures of many vineyards with the kangaroos hopping between the vines. Not a sight to see in Cote du Rhone!

The River Rhone winds its way through the most beautiful part of Southern France, past lovely cities such as Avignon. The vineyards are very famous, running right down to the river. The wine made in that area speaks of sunshine, soft fruit, but also as it ages, of complexity and sophistication.

We shall publish the date and focus of our next meeting in the near future. We welcome all wine drinkers to an informal evening, sharing tasting thoughts and ideas with friends and neighbours.

The Linton Parish Council Climate Change Working Group held their first ‘Recycle Cafe’ at the Village Hall on Saturday 15th January

A massive thank-you to everyone who came to the Recycle Cafe!  It was great to see people having a chat over coffee and cake and sharing tips on what to do with stuff that is awkward to recycle. The list of things that were collected for the group to recycle  included Medicine blister packs, Pringles tubes, Ink cartridges, Pens, Stamps, Coffee pouches, Plastic bags and soft plastics, Christmas/Birthday cards. If you couldn’t make it, there is always Saturday 19th Feb and Friday 19th March.



DSC_2494DSC_2501DSC_2497 DSC_2490#

Maggie’s Coffee Morning, held on Friday 14th January was a great success with amazing generosity from those who came


There were some beautiful flower arrangement hoops for sale, home-made cakes, raffle and book swop. Over £200 was raised for Maggie’s Cheltenham- the local charity that offers support to anyone who has been affected by cancer. Many thanks to everyone who came and supported this event so generously. Please see Maggie’s website for more information on this wonderful charity.  https:/


Tangram Theatre present ‘The Element in the Room’ A Radioactive Musical Comedy about the Death and Life of Marie Curie Saturday 13th November 2021 at 7.00pm

ElementInTheRoom(c)AlexBrennerphoto by Alex Brenner

 We were thrilled to bring (with the great help and support of Arts Alive, to bring live theatrical performance to Linton!

Marie Curie lived an extraordinary life, making incredible scientific discoveries in the face of unbelievable odds. This is her story, replete with breathtaking breakthroughs and seriously silly songs. An exuberant retelling of Marie Curie’s real-life journey across the USA to collect a single gram of radium and a celebration of the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, whose work continues to affect our lives today. If you missed this, or wish to see them again, they are playing at Wem in March. Beware, Linton residents can still be found humming their seriously catchy tunes- need we say more?

 Rumble in the Jumble Sale!

This was our last event prior to Lockdown.  We raised a marvellous £429 which is a great achievement under the circumstances. Many thanks to everyone who took part and donated or bought items. It is much appreciated.

Friday 28th February: Alice Earll and Satoko Doi-Luck 

3,2,1! Three centuries, two performers, one concert

 Acclaimed local violinist Alice Earll and historical keyboard specialist Satoko Doi-Luck performed  music from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, and regalled us with information about the times and the instruments to a captivated audience. A wonderfully engaging evening of discussion and performance!

Love Our Planet, we only have one! A talk by Charlie Kingswood on how we can reduce our reliance on single use plastics.

The event was incredibly well-attended given that Storm Dennis was thundering above and flooding all the lanes in every direction!  48 people made it to the Village Hall on Saturday to listen to young mother of three, Charlie Kingswood give an informed and inspirational presentation, together with all kinds of items to support her talk on how we can use less single-use plastic in our lives.  She showed us that simple swops can make a difference to the amount of plastic we consume, plastic which all too soon is discarded into landfill, and sent to countries and places ill-equipped to deal with it.  There was no finger-wagging, just sensible ideas and thought-provoking messages.

Our ultimate aim being to REDUCE consumption. A range of other ‘R’s can be considered such as Refuse, Reuse or Refill before the last resort, Recycle. We’ve found out recently that not all our past recycling has in fact been certified, and is now polluting  the water courses of receiving countries ill-equipped to deal with it.

As Charlie explained,  it hasn’t taken us long to get used to taking a shopping bag with us (like in the old days!) so the next step would be to add extra small bags buying loose fruit and vegetables and maybe something more substantial for meat from the butchers.

The talk was supported by local businesses  G.D.Parkers of Newent, Wyedean Healthfoods, Two Farmers Crisps, Gorsley  Post Office and Shop, The Marine Conservation Society and Clyde from Wild Wicker at Wobage with his range of  hand-made and  locally grown willow baskets. Each producer showcased samples of alternative products which are available locally, including household cleaning products, personal hygiene and kitchen use. As one delighted person said ‘I never realised Parkers had refillable products, and I love that shop!’ The event was free. Many thanks to Charlie, and everyone who came and supported the event.

As this proved so popular we hope to have presentations on related themes in the future, as well as our annual Rumble in the Jumble Sale on Saturday 14th March – a great opportunity to recycle!  Charlie Kingswood is available for talks and presentations on a number of themes, and has recently worked with primary schools.

Saturday 28th September  SOLD OUT

The Opera Dudes

Opera Dudes 2017

What a great night! Great fun, with a real variety of songs, beautifully sung with lots of humour too! This was certainly a night to remember.   Two modern day Mario Lanzas performing some of the world’s most romantic music, in their own unique vocal arrangements with laugh a minute banter.  Il Divo meets Morecambe and Wise. – It certainly was! They have agreed to come back next year with another show, so if you missed them, you have another chance!

” Another great evening, thanks for organising. Where on earth do you find them…?” P.

Our Macmillan Coffee Morning was Friday 20th September. Thank you to everyone who came and took part. We raised £260 for this worthy cause.   The Coffee Morning was in memory of the wonderful and lovely Iain Houston. His support and love for the community was immense, and he is very much missed by his friends and the Village Hall in particular.

Saturday 3rd August Christian Grosselfinger ‘Celloop Tour’


Inspired by his life’s experience, Chris creates original music for his concerts, mixing ancient and modern music. This was a great evening, with the audience spellbound to see Chris using a looping and sampling technique to arrange different musical ideas. Christian makes a single cello sound like a whole orchestra.

Chris has been described as one of Brazil’s most promising cellists, and is continuing his European tour. Follow his adventures through his and our Instagram pages!

Friday 28th June ‘The Secret of St.Mary’s’ 

This was a  wonderful evening raising funds for an important cause. Following the tragic theft earlier this year ALL profits from this event will now go towards securing the medieval artefacts held in Linton Church for the benefit of future generations. The Village Hall were pleased to support this charitable event, by donating the use of the hall in which  Roger Davies gave an excellent illustrated talk titled ‘The Secret of St.Mary’s’. With a delicious warm supper provided by members of Village of Linton Trust (VoLT), and a raffle, the event raised £577 towards protecting the medieval artefacts. Donations on the night increased the total to an amazing £927. 

We still have £573 to go, so please contact Roger Davies – for any further information and if you are  interested to help fund the important work of protecting the heritage of Linton.


Whalebone Saturday 18th May: Music Night with Whalebone


Whalebone has been described as ‘Music that does not fit into a comfortable box, eclecticism defined, a unique and vibrant mix’ and we were delighted to welcome them to Linton.   “With its roots in the rolling South Shropshire hills, Whalebone’s music is infused with the landscape and the lives that inhabit it. Taking its cue from the Celtic Folk music of the British Isles, interwoven with strands of rock, Americana and Eastern European tradition, their music is impossible to classify. The desire to create sonic imagery without the need for words has long been a feature of Whalebone’s writing, combining melodies and harmonies to create a sense of place, evoking the intangible beauty and mystery of life.”  Whalebone truly lived up to this description and were absolutely lovely, wonderful company and we’re really pleased that they have agreed to come back later next year!

Friday 26th April: Music Night with The Malvern Delta Blues Band £8

The Malvern Delta refers to the almost legendary area of land that spans from the Malvern Hill Country through the Castlemorton Swampland down to the confluence of the two great rivers, the Severn and the Avon. The Malvern Delta Blues lists many great but previously undiscovered players. These players were borne of the fruit and apple picking workers within the cider making areas in the Malvern Delta. Way back in time they would sing these Hereford & Worcestershire blues songs whilst harvesting Russets, Cox’s or even Worcester golds from the orchards and fields of the Delta.. One or two of the members of the newly formed ‘Malvern Delta Blues Band’ are actually direct or rumoured to be direct descendants of these great players. A great night of local talent – we were delighted to host a new band!

Saturday 13th April: Were the Good Old Days Really That Good? An evening of humour and wit with John Ward Many thanks to John Ward for a really entertaining and enjoyable evening!

Photo 1

Were the good old days really as good as we remember them? This is the question that John Ward, retired teacher and former local authority art & design inspector will seek to debunk through an entertaining evening of wry humour and stories in which he recalls tales of his teaching days.    John was once asked by an HMI ‘How long were you in teaching before you went into education?’ – a question which encouraged him to make a start on his autobiography ‘Not Waving, but Drowning’. Now largely retired, recycled, rewired and retreaded, John enjoys dull evenings in and increasingly feels the best part of his day ends when the alarm-clock goes off.

Saturday 16th March: ‘Rumble in the Jumble’ Sale 2pm


Doors  opened at 2pm, and  as well as new treasures to buy, there were refreshments including tea, coffee, homemade cakes, and even a glass of Prosecco!

Friday 22nd February: ‘The Birth of Virtuosity’ with Alice Earll (violin), Conor Hastings (cornetto) and Satoko Doi-Luck (early keyboard specialist)   £8

Doors open 7pm, performance at 7.30pm

IMG_0241 17.13.51

Many thanks to  Alice Earll, Conor Hastings (cornetto) and Satoko Doi-Luck (early keyboard specialist)  for an evening of fantastical music and lively discussion. . We hope to have her back again next year too with a new production.

Here are some thoughts from the evening which was enjoyed by an enthusiastic crowd:

“…Just a brief line to thank all involved for bringing the excellent Alice Earll back to LVH for an evening of wonderful period music played to the obvious delight of the audience. It was a privilege to hear music written in the late C17th played as those would have heard it at the time. I do wonder now what Linton residents living in 2350 AD will make of, say, Dark Side of the Moon? ..”

“..Many thanks for a wonderful evening…”

“….We also had more than one cornetto on display so the man from Wall’s would have been ecstatic. Seriously though, the acoustics of LVH are truly top notch. As long suspected, Alice confirmed that the improvisation of all the virtuosos was often practised in advance. Ummnnn – like Ronnie Scott’s???

“…I would guess that this was the first time Linton has ever heard authentic music from the late C17th as the parish lacked any big houses at the time. The church, of course, only got its first organ in the 1880s. The travelling Irish tinkers with their fiddles must have been a godsend to Linton’s predominantly poor labourer population otherwise starved of music?…”

Alice is also a keen chamber musician and is a founding member of acclaimed early music group Ensemble Molière. She plays on a Thomas Kennedy violin on loan from the Harrison Frank Foundation.

Saturday 23rd February ‘Willow Weaving’ with Clyde Hoare 


This was a very successful first foray into the craft of the willow. Participants all took home  their own 5ft garden obelisk under the watchful eye of professional willow weaving artist Clyde Hoare.  They learned about and used several different types of willow to create this colourful and useful support for flowers and runner beans. This is a great introduction to willow weaving, and there will be more of these coming up!

Here is a some completed obelisk already in situ.

And (2) 23-02-19



Candlelit Storytelling Tea



Winter Fashion Show

Once again, a brilliant show was put on by a tam of helpers and supporters. The audience was treated to a display of fashion garments modelled by our own team of models and many items were purchased at the end of the show, filling spaces in wondter wardrobes! The prosecco flowed and the canapes were delicious. Many thanks to all who came along on the night, to the models and to all those who worked so hard behind the scenes to make it such a fun evening. Over £640 was raised for village hall funds.


 IMG_7193 IMG_7235 IMG_7201IMG_7159IMG_7214

Halloween with the ZX81!

20181026_213304 - CopyDSC_0411DSC_0421DSC_0425DSC_0445DSC_0450DSC_0487DSC_0491


Wild Willy Barrett’s Roaring Touring!’


What an incredible night with Willy and his amazing musicians! A sell out audience enjoyed a fantastic night of great musicianship and with and we are delighted that they have agreed to come back again next year!

 The Remi Harris Trio Friday 28th September



“…Often in life a long wait for a repeat of an excellent experience leads to unreal expectations and an anti-climax on the night. No such problem with Remi Harris! What an encore. It was a brilliant evening..”

“…Music wise too much to choose from to pick a definitive favourite but I loved ‘Here There and Everywhere’ (from my favourite Beatles LP Revolver). I particularly liked the odd snippets of other tunes Remi regularly inserted into his numbers (“I feel fine” and “My old man’s a dustman” immediately spring to mind). I had also forgotten how much a double bass can augment a live acoustic performance and our man was truly top notch…”

“…Remi’s “All of me” played on his baritone ukulele was a jazz classic. I bought the ‘In on the 2’ CD so I can enjoy more Remi (“Cissy strut”, “Puttin’ on the Ritz” etc) in the days ahead…”

If you missed his wonderful performance, Remi will be appearing at Fownhope on Saturday 1st December, and we hope to have him back at Linton again.

Many thanks to Remi,  and also the wonderful  rhythm guitarist  Caley Grove and double bass player Tom Moore, and of course, Dani too. Many thanks guys, and good luck with your tour!

Pop Music Quiz on Saturday 4th September

Oh what a night! Outrageous costumes as ever, and great fun had by all. Many thanks to our wonderful comperes and everyone who took part.


  Many thanks to Rural & Business Crime Officer Paul Crumpton of (West Mercia Police)  for his informative Crime Prevention PRESENTATION on Saturday 4th August

 This was very illuminating and included information and tips on  how to stay safe at home, work and online.

Paul has offered to do another presentation with more details on internet safety and other tips including smartwater. if you are interested, please contact us on  and look out for more information.

Review of event: Linton Village Hall Festival Breakfasts 

Congratulations and many thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers and organisers who served a record number of breakfasts to our festival goers!  Hopefully, a great start to the last festival day for music fans! Huge thanks to everyone, for supporting the breakfasts and the festival. Wishing you a safe journey home, and hope to see you again next year!

If you have any comments or recommendations, please let us know. Thank you.

DSC_0129DSC_0150DSC_0132DSC_0135DSC_0175DSC_0179DSC_0178DSC_0181DSC_0181 DSC_0187DSC_0188 DSC_0190

Festival Tea Tent 

A huge thank you to you all for responding so generously to our request for cakes for this year’s music festival.  Each day we were able to offer a truly amazing selection of cakes which were much appreciated by the festival-goers and the cake tent managed to look lovely and fresh throughout the weekend despite the incredibly hot weather.   This year’s impressive selection of vegan and gluten-free cakes went down very well and it was so good to be able to offer a wonderful choice to everyone. Many thanks for all your support!


Team Friday

Team Friday


Saturday Tea Tent

Saturday Tea Tent

Cake - anywhere, anytime, any place...

Cake – anywhere, anytime, any place…

 Volunteers – Your Village Hall needs you!

We are always on the look-out for extra ‘hands’ to help us with events like this – if you feel you could pour tea or make a cake, take money on the door, or would like to offer help in any way, you would be most welcome to join us and your help  would be much appreciated.  Do please contact us on 07974 484141 if you would like to add your name to our list of occasional helpers.

If you do feel this is something you would like to help with, please contact us for a chat, or email us at

Friday March 23rd: Music Night with Blakes III


This group is legendary! If you missed them, the good news is that Martin has agreed to come back and play next year!  Martin Blake, Rob Strawson and Mick Freeman were  the brilliant eclectic trio… fingerpicking Cajun and Blues-folk in the style of the masters of ragtime guitar. Martin Blake has been playing guitar and singing since the big Folk-Blues scare of the mid 60s and is still performing regularly today. He started out by playing in pubs and folk-blues clubs and spent a lot of the late 70s and early 80s busking in England and Europe, honing his fingerpicking style by listening to the masters of ragtime blues guitar, such as Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Willie McTell, Blind Blake, Rev Gary Davis et al. He has made myriad musical collaborations on his journey to the present day. In 1983, with friends Rob Strawson and Mick Freeman he formed the eclectic acoustic trio “Blakes III”, which still performs today, albeit occasionally. A love of Cajun music prompted him to form the pioneering 6-piece Cajun band “Bon Ton Roulez!!” in 1988. In the 90s, along with Rees Wesson, he formed the Welsh Zydeco band “Joe-le-Taxi”. In 2001 he joined the South Wales Cajun outfit“Baton Rouge” after the departure of their guitarist. After a few personnel changes and a trip to Louisiana in 2003 with band mate Aidan Sheehan, it was decided to change the band name to Whiskey River“, after a couple of strange coincidences that left them in no doubt that this was meant to be!

Here are some shots of the night- look out for them next year (March)  and get your tickets early!




Rob pictured at the Pontadawe Festival in 2014

Saturday 17th March 10 Years Anniversary;

‘Rumble in the Jumble Sale’ 2pm

This was a great afternoon! Many thanks to everyone who supported this event, – we raised hopefully around £600 for the upkeep of the Hall, which is fantastic!  Despite the bitterness of the weather, hardy folk braved the elements and came and  bought masses of stuff! Here are some shots of the items that were for sale and the lovely cakes and customers! Hope  to see you all next year! Keep warm!




Friday 9th February: Music Night ‘Bach and Beyond’ 

Alice Headshot EM (1)

We were delighted to welcome local violinist Alice Earll to the hall for a great evening,  listening and exploring  J.S. Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin. Alice so enjoyed the evening that she has already suggested pieces for another concert at a similar time next year, (March) so watch this space and get your tickets early! 

The Hannah Lockerman Band


Linton Winter Fashion Show

Halloween Party with The Rayguns

“…It was great to see so many entering the spirit of the occasion with some truly brilliant costumes. I am sure any visitor to the village would have been very impressed with the Rayguns but highly spooked by the dress of the locals. My chunky vegetable soup was top notch too!…”

Many thanks to everyone who came and supported this wonderful band – photos to follow – good luck recognising anyone!

LINTON A4 POSTER.cdrDSC_0312DSC_0268DSC_0269DSC_0277DSC_0288DSC_0291DSC_0292DSC_0322DSC_0323DSC_0330DSC_0332DSC_0337DSC_0355DSC_0356DSC_0357DSC_0371DSC_0373DSC_0374DSC_0319

Wild Willy Barrett’s French Connection:’A Mange-Tout Far’

What a great night this was! Many thanks to Willy, Mary, John and Aurora for a fabulous night of entertainment! “What a great evening, thoroughly enjoyed it….”
“Just a quick line to say I thought last night @ LVH was totally brilliant..”
“…I have heard many versions of Plaisir d’Amour over the years but Aurora’s performance must rank amongst the very best and the more so as, of course, live..” Just some of the comments from last night with Wild Willy Barrett’s French Connection. If you missed them they are appearing this evening at Broseley’s Birchmeadow. Have a great time, everyone – looking forward to having you back again next year! Here are some shots of the band in performance and relaxing – some images courtesy of Aurora!


Wild Willy Barrett's French Connection promises a night of great entertainment!

Wild Willy Barrett’s French Connection promises a night of great entertainment!

Willy, best known for his partnership with John Otway, has had a long and varied career. He has toured with The Police, Madness and many more, has been guitarist for George Hamilton IV, was considered for Brian Jones’ replacement in the Rolling Stones, recorded ‘The Contemporary Folk Guitar’ album with Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Gordon Giltrap & Ralph McTell.

But It is the gentler side of Wild that emerges with French Connection, as well as the wry on-stage humour for which he is well known.  Since their birth a couple of years ago, the group have gone from strength to strength, their innovative arrangements beautifully performed on instruments including the guitar, cello, fiddle, banjo and, of course, John’s lovingly restored uilleann pipes. A wonderful evening of unique and fresh musical entertainment, all overlaid with a large dose of wry humour and very different from anything else you will experience in the UK at the moment.

Village Cakes at The Wobage Artisan Market

Thank you to everyone for supporting the ‘Village Cakes’  at the Wobage Artisan Market (WAM) on Saturday 16th September. There were lots of other exciting food and craft producers there again, and new for this year, Taster Workshops were a wonderful way to experience new crafts throughout the week! Check out the new website on the link below and enjoy!



‘Weavepoint’ at the Wobage Artisan Market


Village Hall Beers at The Wobage Artisan Market


Thanks to Mary and Lizzie for selling Bespoke Brewery Beers at the market! Much appreciated.


Reviews: Linton Festival Breakfasts 

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed  the Breakfasts at the Village Hall  this weekend. We are really pleased to have supported the Linton Music Festival, and hope you all had a great time.

If you liked the food – the  free range eggs were from local producer, Kilforge Farm, and the sausages  from Andy Creese of Newent. A good way to start the day!

Here are some images of the weekend.  Many thanks to everyone who took part, – its not possible without the huge commitment and work everyone puts in, –  especially those who organised the whole thing, planned, shopped, set up and set down, prepared, cooked endless eggs, bacon and sausages, served, made tea, coffee and toast, washed up and cleaned up, tidied away, took the money, and the rubbish out, and put everything back in its place! And especially everyone who came and ate and supported us in the last 2 days, and any other jobs not mentioned here, – Happy trails, folks!


NEW! ‘Linton Art Club’ 

8 weeks from Thursday 1st June.  10-12 at Linton Village Hall.

Painting, Drawing , Printmaking, Pottery.

Learn new skills with a qualified and experienced art teacher in a friendly and relaxed art club. All abilities catered for. Complete beginners especially welcome. £18 per week to include all materials and tea and cake to keep the creativity going!


Contact Amanda on 07903  104 091 /

‘The Giving Machine’:  

Do you know that you can help Linton Village hall at no extra cost?

You can generate free donations for Linton Village Hall every time you shop online via ‘TheGivingMachine’. Friends from a local school shared with us this way of raising funds via online purchases. “The idea is that you buy something at an online shop via ‘TheGivingMachine’. Your purchase automatically generates a sales commission. As a charity and not-for-profit organisation, we turn the commission you’ve generated into a charitable donation and pass it on to your chosen cause. YOU decide which causes you want to support”. Online shops include Amazon, Ebay, John Lewis and Waitrose. It sounds like a great way to generate funds for your favourite charities, and schools, and we’d be delighted if you’d include the Village Hall too, every time you shop online via ‘TheGivingMachine’. Many thanks.

We are now on facebook, so please  look for ‘Linton Village Hall’, and ‘like’ our page.

DSCF7846 re sized

This  photograph was taken at a previous Fete, and is the image  chosen to launch  the Linton Village Hall facebook page. We are using Facebook to help develop a wider audience interest in the hall; to showcase our user groups and what they get up to; to encourage more people to participate in events; and ultimately to increase bookings and hirings of the hall and equipment.  Here we will post photos and information on events, include reviews, as well as using this website. Have a look, and please ‘like’ us!


We are delighted to offer for sale at our licensed events, our own labelled beers from local brewers ‘The Bespoke Brewery, Mitcheldean’. It is a great way for us to support a local producer, and we can now offer a selection of their artisan and award-winning beers. From light blonde forest ale Leading Light, to the moreish King’s Shilling, Saved by the Bell, and Over a Barrel. Perfect as a gift-pack  to take away.

 Reviews of Past Events:

Saturday 13th May;  Linton Village Hall Summer Fashion Show

This was a fantastic evening, with the hall transformed with spring flowers, candles and fairy lights, into a ‘catwalk’ experience with beautiful models preened, primped and ever stylish (as our pictures show) ready to show off the summer collection of gently-loved clothes. Our  guests had the opportunity to purchase summer casual, wedding  and party  pieces from labels including  Jacques Vert, Coast, Fransa, Next and some amazingly vertiginous shoes from Italian designers!  The delicious home-made canapes were served at each of the three short intervals, (including scrumptious vegan options) and the whole event received some really lovely comments from our guests. One lady particularly mentioned  how impressed she was with the   level of detail for the whole event, even down to beautifully wrapped little pencils for the audience to scribble down notes on the list of items for sale.

Many thanks to everyone for supporting this event – we hope you enjoy your purchases. What a lovely way to start summer! More photos to follow soon.

DSC_0735DSC_0717IMG_8605 (1)IMG_8602

Fashion Beauty Model Girl with Flowers Hair. Bride

Monday 1st May

Launch of new Linton Yew and Churchyard Trail with Teas at Village Hall

A new churchyard trail was  launched on the may Day Bank Holiday afternoon, using the new leaflet sponsored by the Conservation Foundation in recognition of the national importance of the Linton Yew.

Our guide, Roger Davies, covered the history of Linton and the significance of its ancient yews. Tea and home-made cakes were  served in the Village Hall. Photos to follow shortly.


Friday 28th April: Music Night at the Village Hall

 ‘Big Sky Quartet’

This was  our last Music Night until September, and was a great evening with as ever, a really appreciative audience! Many thanks to everyone who  has supported our events, and we look forward to seeing you again when we return in September with a great line-up – look out for more information! Many thanks to  Colin Tully, Chris Egan, Pedro Brown and  Carles Riba for a wonderful evening of sublime music. We look forward to welcoming you to the hall again. Photos will be up shortly!


Friday 31st March Music Night at the Village Hall with the amazing  

The Remi Harris Project

Image of Remi 1 (1)   DSC_1596

Remi talking to the audience

Remi talking to the audience

What an exciting and  magical night this was! The Remi Harris Project treated  a packed house to a brilliant set of incredible playing including ‘Pennies from Heaven’, ‘Over the Rainbow’ and the ‘Django Waltz’. The good news is that they really enjoyed the night too, and Remi has agreed to play at the Hall in September next year, so when dates are announced, get your tickets early, as it was truly a night to remember!

“..I didn’t think I would sleep, my head was so full of music!…” – visitor

“Primarily self taught and initially inspired by rock and blues guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Peter Green and Jimmy Page,   he developed an interest in jazz music, in particular artists such as Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery and Stan Getz. Since then he has been growing a reputation for blending all of his influences into his own individual style of playing. He has toured worldwide as well as performing at Buckingham Palace, BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall with Jamie Cullum, on BBC 4 Television and live on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 3.

With a lineup of Remi on acoustic and electric guitars accompanied by a hot club rhythm section of guitar and double bass, the Remi Harris Project take gypsy swing characteristics and infuse them with influences from Jazz, Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Funk, World Music and more. The show includes solo, duet and trio playing interspersed with Remi’s commentary and includes repertoire from Django Reinhardt, Charlie Parker, Wes Montgomery, Jimi Hendrix and Peter Green to name a few. In 2015 they were awarded 1st runner up in the British Jazz Awards in the Small Group category.

“incredible guitarist… I’m absolutely blown away by his talent” Jamie Cullum, BBC Radio 2.

“Remi Harris is one of the most exciting young guitarists in the Gypsy Jazz world” Martin Taylor MBE.

“The standard of playing is stunning” Guitar Techniques Magazine ★★★★★.“This young guy is seriously good” ★★★★. “beautifully played” Jazz Journal★★★★ “a tremendously gifted young player”, John Etheridge. “absolutely brilliant” Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio 6 Music. “Astonishing” Digby Fairweather. “Terrific” The Telegraph.

DSC_1595      DSC_1593

Rumble in the Jumble!

Saturday 18th March, 2pm at the Village Hall -as ever, a great fun day.  we were delighted that unsold items were donated to The British Heart Foundation. – Thanks to everyone for supporting this event! £700 was raised for Village hall funds and left over items were donated to the British Heart Foundation.


‘Rumble in the Jumble’ Sale

Friday 24th February Music Night at the Village Hall

‘Mal Practice and the Sick Notes’

We’d just like to thank Bill and the guys (aka Sick Notes) for a fabulous evening of musical entertainment. We all had a great time, listening to all the old favourites reminiscent of a certain ‘era’ and for helping us raise money for the hall. It was a lovely  evening  – the Carrot and Coriander Soup from the ‘Get Fresh Cafe’ was the required prescription for the night and sold out. Many thanks to everyone who came and supported this slick operation! Many thanks to Mrs. A. Follis from Upton Bishop, for your kind comments.


with Hereford College of Arts music students

What a great night listening to some wonderful and incredibly talented young musicians. Many thanks to everyone for supporting these wonderful musicians and for the great feedback!  “Mammafunk’s harmonies were brilliant and I was humming Long Train Runnin’ all the way home. I even succumbed to some Get Fresh Café chips…”Mammafunk More photos to follow soon!


Saturday 17th December ‘Red River Blues’- a sell out event, this was a great night!


DSC_0086 DSC_0104DSC_0113DSC_0133

Cheers! Happy Christmas!

Cheers! Happy Christmas!

DSC_0085  DSC_0093

Saturday 10th December   Bob’s ‘History of Carols’

Traditional carol-singing for all, combined with the fascinating origins of our favourite festive songs. A great night of entertainment with community singing as well as poems and readings.

Wednesday 7th December  LDHS & LVH Combined Christmas Social

‘Midwinter Traditions with May Thrill’

What a great evening’s entertainment this was! May Thrill created a bespoke evening (with an appropriate historical twist! – who knew ‘The Holly and the Ivy’ was written by a chap living in the parish in Bromsash?) and  sang and danced their way through stories and tales of all the old Christmas and winter traditions including wassailing and  Morris-dancing. There was also a temporary exhibition by photographer Oliver Cameron-Swan, of the Leominster Morris which added greatly to the atmosphere!  Thank you to all who supported this and all our other events.


The Mummer's Play

The Mummer’s Play

The players (and a couple of characters from the audience) prepare for the Mummer's Play.

The players (and a couple of characters from the audience) prepare for the Mummer’s Play.


St.George fights the Dragon...

St.George fights the Dragon…



 Sunday 4th December

Christmas Cracker Candlelit Tea in Aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

A wonderfully magical afternoon of storytelling with local author Hilary Orme. Hilary read extracts to an attentive  audience of all ages from her childrens’ book ’Twisted Tales’ .  Linton Village Hall was delighted to support Hilary by donating all the money raised from the tea to Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you to everyone who made the delicious cakes, decorated and set up the hall, and all of you who came and listened and bought Hilary’s books. Thank you Hilary, we hope we can do this again sometime!


Winter Fashion Show

 dsc_0561dsc_0573dsc_0574dsc_0629dsc_0632dsc_0682dsc_0708dsc_0731dsc_0732 dsc_0667dsc_0735dsc_0747dsc_0811dsc_0909

The models acknowledge the compere and audience at the end of the show

The models acknowledge the compere and audience at the end of the show

Hallowe’en Music Night with Code-x


Saturday 29th October; A creepy Hallowe’en Music Night  at the Village Hall  with dancing to new band  ‘Code-x’

 “Musical marauders decoding the enigma, – professional purveyors of punchy pop rock. This new  5-piece playing covers from bands like Blondie, The Coral, PJ Harvey, The Who, Cream, Tom Petty and Elvis Costello.”  This was a great fun event with great musicians,- they also really liked the acoustics in the Hall and have said they’d love to play here again!




Linton Village Fete

Sunday 4th September 

Thank you to everyone who supported this event and contributed in so many ways. It was a lovely day with lots going on, and there will be a few photos to remind you in due course…


 Saturday 23rd July;  Music Night with ‘The Drift’

IMG_1918 (1)DSC_0378DSC_0389IMG_1921DSC_0398DSC_0433 - Copy

Many thanks to everyone who came and supported this new band, “loved it – great music from The Drift”;  “great evening – as always”; “great music nights, ie The Drift”. We also  featured award-winning ales from the Bespoke Brewery, Mitcheldean.  Many thanks to The Drift – Tom Dunkly, Colin Finnie,  Clyde Jefferson and  Andrew Jones. 

Here are some photos of the band above on the night and previously in rehearsal.


The Weavers Group  took part in the Hellens Manor Textile Bazaar 2016  on Wednesday 29th, and Thursday 30th June.   Individual Designer clothes and fantastic collectable World Textiles were for sale at this wonderful old house and gardens.

For more details, email

Supporting the Linton Festival- A Big THANK YOU!

Well, we made it through another Fantastic Linton Festival weekend .   This is a HUGE team effort and in no way possible without the enthusiastic and generous support of everyone involved.

Thank you Linton Festival Committee, and Dan and Gemma Evans (our wonderful  Alma hosts)  for allowing us to return to support your Festival-goers and our village visitors. This is much appreciated and allows us to raise funds for both the Village Hall and St Mary’s Church as well as adding to visitors’  experience of the Festival. We hope we did you proud and would love to be involved again next year, thank you. Here are just some of the volunteers and cheery faces we met at the ‘Linton Village Teas’  and  the breakfasts at the Village Hall.

IMG_5994 IMG_5989IMG_6294IMG_6322IMG_6303IMG_6327IMG_6003IMG_6316

300 ticket IMG_6009


The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebratory Tea Party

This was a lovely event held indoors due to the showers on the day. Thank you to everyone who joined in and celebrated this event.

IMG_6199 (2)

Summer Fashion Show 

Saturday 21st May 

Poster 210516  This  was a lovely evening.  Thank you for supporting us, and for the thoughtful  comments and emails we have received.  The evening raised a total o £590.94 for the Village Hall. This has been the most successful of the fashion shows so far. Not only did we raise money, but we had a lot of fun as well. Please join our email list for advance information on what events are coming up. 



Music Night with Mutt and Jeff,  Saturday 30th April

unnamed Mutt and Jeff

The players are multi -instrumentalists and have over 70 years of playing experience between them in different bands. Mutt and Jeff  has been together for around two years and in that time have built up a fantastic range of covers from the last 50 years.  They continually update their set list to include what audiences enjoy. The band has a good selection of equipment and lights and their own sound techie, Pete, who makes sure it all goes off smoothly. Early gigs have supported local charities at ‘Colwall Village Hall’, pub gigs including the ‘Fox and Hounds Beer Festival,’ a lively party at ‘The Anchor’  in Worcester, and more locally at  Upton Bishop Village Hall.  Gigs start gently but build to a point where guests young and not-so-young dance the night away.  Favourite covers include The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Kinks, T Rex, The Police, David Bowie, Brian Ferry, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Dire Straits and Stevie Wonder, as well as more recent sounds from Jamie T, The Fratellis, some classic Eric Clapton, Dr Feelgood and Status Quo thrown in,  and many more!  If you want a quiet evening – stay in!”

‘Rumble in the Jumble’ Sale, Saturday 19th March

IMG_4772 cropped   IMG_4763  IMG_4755IMG_4745

Saturday 27 February 

Music Night Quiz with Supper

27-02-16 Music Night Quiz Poster

Saturday 6th February; Dance Day

This was a wonderful way to shake off the winter blues!   A great range of well-attended sessions including   Jive,  Clubbercise, Bollywood and a children’s ballet session! All proceeds were to raise funds for a new projector and sound system in The Hall.

Friday 29th Jan;  ‘Music Night’ with Hereford College of Arts Music  Roadshow   

What a fantastic start to our irregular monthly Music Nights, and what talented musicians! This was a great return visit from the music students and staff of Hereford College of Arts, and we were delighted to see them again! Thank you to so many of the audience who turned out on a horrible wet and windy night to support the stars of the future (don’t forget,  the lead singer of the band ‘Years and Years’ is a local lad (Coleford) and an ex- student of the college’s Performing Arts course.  (The band is up for 4 or 5 Brit Awards this year!)  What a great way to banish the winter January Blues, celebrate completing tax returns, and have a good time with friends and neighbours.  Thank you to the musicians for coming out and providing such a great night of entertainment – Mammafunk – what a great dance band, and so good to see so many folk getting up and having a go! 





Christmas Tea,  Sunday 6th Dec 

A lovely Christmassy tea with raffle, cakes, plants stall and gifts.



‘The Travelling Music Hall’,  in conjunction with Linton & District History Society

Weds 2nd Dec

Old-fashioned variety entertainment including  magic, music, songs  comedy and much more!


What a fabulous evening this was – great fun, all round! See their website for details of where they are next appearing.

“We guarantee a good time with plenty of variety – tunes, ballads, comic songs, scrumpy and western, and traditional monologues. Our line-up: ROY STIRZAKER – a cheeky Yorkshire lad with a mean line in comic songs and ambitious repartee. JIM HANNIS – the engine house of more traditional and sing-along tunes than you would believe possible. HAZEL BAKER – no music hall would be complete without a beautiful lady singer – no competition from the rest of the band! ANDY SCARF – the tuba-playing chairman, fount of dramatic monologues, link to the audience, and the man who tries to control Roy…BILL TAYLOR – the senior professional!  Over forty years of playing and singing folk and popular songs and entertaining audiences everywhere.”

see their website for details

Pre-Christmas Party with Red River Blues 

Friday 27th November

The Band DSC_0801

This was a fantastic evening  with a great band. It was so well recieved, we booked them for our Christmas Dance Party on Saturday December 17th. Here is what people had to say:

“Thank you for organising such a great evening last night. The Red River Blues were excellent – great music & a really good atmosphere in the hall. We all enjoyed ourselves.”

“Just a very quick line to thank you for a brilliant evening. Red River Blues were “ace”.”

The band lines up like this: Jody Hoare – Drums and cowbells, Andy Herbert – Bass and backing vocals, Giles Smith – Harmonica, Chris Egan – Saxaphone, EWE and backing vocals. Clyde Jefferson – Rhythm, lead and slide guitar, lead vocals. A highly regarded group – we are delighted to have them at the Hall. Previously appeared at  Linton Music Festival.


Linton  Artisan Christmas Market

Friday 13th November 6-9pm

Linton Artisan Market poster 2015 email

A  huge “thank you” to aeveryone for making last night such a warm, happy and enjoyable evening. It was great to see so many happy customers, and a lovely  way to start Christmas.

DSC_0522 (640x426)DSC_0534 (640x426)

DSC_0531 (640x426)DSC_0552 (640x426)DSC_0551 (640x426)DSC_0526 (640x426)

Hope you all enjoyed a fantastic evening – a lot of fun was had, and many thanks to everyone who came along and took part. Photos and totals to follow.



Models quelling pre-show nerves before the fun begins...

Models quelling pre-show nerves before the fun begins…

Model on the 'catwalk'

Model on the ‘catwalk’

A beautiful cocktail dress

A beautiful cocktail dress

The Christmas Cocktail evening dress selection

The Christmas Cocktail evening dress selection

Canapes were served to the assembled fashionistas!

Canapes were served to the assembled fashionistas!

The front row

The front row

Model on the 'catwalk'

Model on the ‘catwalk’

Selecting the raffle prize

Selecting the raffle prize

Evening jacket

Evening jacket

Choosing from the racks

Choosing from the racks


Saturday 17th October ‘Passion for Pilates’

A Linton Village Hall fund-raising event, held in the Hall.  A day of Pilates classes for both the Pilates teacher and practicing enthusiast. Delivered by local Pilates professionals. 


Friday 25th September 


Many thanks to the students and staff from Hereford College of Arts’ Music Course   who gave us a wonderful evening of acoustic performances last Friday!  Students performed covers and in some cases their own material in solo, duo and group bands. There was great variety from their own brand of  ‘mama funk’ to unplugged indie, and the staff got involved too!  They were a pleasure to have at Linton, and they have agreed to come back in January 2016, so if you missed them, please email us if you would like a ticket; £6.00.

The students asked for their share of the proceeds to go to the Syrian Refugee Crisis.



Linton Village Fete & Summer Sessions

Saturday 5th September

A really big THANKS 

to the long list of people who helped make yesterday’s events happen. Special thanks to the Village Hall Committee, St. Mary’s Church PCC, the Summer Sessions and the Alma Inn,  the Linton W.I. the Linton & District History Society, VoLT, the 1st Linton Brownies, the Gardening Group.  And a huge thank you to all our volunteers; the folk on the stalls and games, the tea-pourers, cake-makers, scarecrow makers, cordial, chutney, jam and marmalade makers, bunting hangers, hedgetrimmers, car-park provider, grass-cutters and trimmers, chocolate and sweets and tombola givers, flower givers, pickers and arrangers, produce growers, balloon blowers, artists and photographers, cleaners and polishers, negotiators, face-painters, wicker weavers and wool spinners, donkeys and their owners,  contestants and judges, baguette makers,  cooks, and barbecue grillers, brewers, ice cream makers, ticketers, stewards and first-aiders, washer uppers, shoppers, runners, sound crews and technicians, teddy bear gatherers and throwers, bartenders, announcers, classic car owners, singers and musicians, gardeners and growers, printers and sign-makers, distributors, dogs and their owners, game-makers, exhibition-makers.

Thank you all so much for your help and support in making  such a great day. More photos to follow…

photo by kind permission of Dan Haworth Salter

photo by kind permission of Dan Haworth Salter






An Evening of Beer-Tasting  with The Bespoke Brewery Co, of Mitcheldean Friday 17th May

Thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed a merry evening, and especially to Steve,   The Head Brewer of The Bespoke Brewery Co, Mitcheldean. Steve gave us a very informative and specialist presentation on the process and history of brewing, interspersed with traditional grub to go with the beer (pork pies, pickles, chunks of bread) and samples of key ingredients – very different varieties of hops and barley; both modern and traditional, and how these affected the taste and strength of the final product; The King’s Shilling, Leading Light, Going Off Half Cocked, Running the Gauntlet….Which of course needed quite a bit of tasting to make sure we really understood and recognised the flavours….We will be serving their quality and delicious brews at future Village Hall Events. Look out for them at the  forthcoming Fete and Music Evenings ( generally the last Friday in the month, check website for details). The gift packs make great presents too.

The ingredients

The ingredientsIMG_2916




Early Morning Footpath Walk Sunday May 24th 8am


The walk begins...

The walk begins…

Many thanks to our Footpath Officer Richard Baker, and to Tony Eveleigh who led walkers through the Churchyard, down to Shutton, through the green lane down to Fordings and into the beyond, identifying birdsong as they went. It was a beautiful clear and sunny morning and everyone enjoyed a warm brew in the Hall afterwards.


Summer Fashion Show Saturday 2nd May 

What a fun evening this was-  A full house and lots of wonderful items for sale

imagescaler-2-aspx2 event_214941439502964a773ae2e290a2028770c188f2

Models calming the pre-show jittersIMG_1759





Selection of Dresses


The models receiving the applause at the end of the show, and some details of items sold.

Look out for next year’s show!


heed the thunder title Friday 15th May

image of Heed the Thunder

The band performing

The band performing

Bands at the end of the night

Bands at the end of the night.


This was a great evening with live  and original music. Thank you to all who came from far and wide to support this event. Watch out for more occasional and even monthly music events!

The Travelling Music Hall,  Friday 24th April

Thank you to everyone who supported this fantastic local troupe of artists! It was a great event and we hope to have them back another time. If you missed them – check out their website for forthcoming events. What they said: ” Brill!”,  “thoroughly enjoyable evening”.


The Travelliing Music Hall players receiving their well-earned applause.

The Travelliing Music Hall players receiving their well-earned applause.


 ‘Rumble in the Jumble’ Sale; Saturday 14th March 2pm

Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported this event. We had a great time, and hope you all did too, –  the buzz in the hall was extraordinary!  It looks like we made just over £700! Many thanks to you all, and hope to see you all again next year!

Charity number; 520967


Saturday February 14th 10.00- 12.00; Valentine’s themed Coffee Morning

This was a lovely event,  – and raised over  £100 towards the upkeep of the hall. Romance was definitely in the air with rumours that a  proposal was made over coffee and cake!

Happy couples please note the hall  is available for engagement parties, wedding receptions, stag and hen parties , and we can cater too!


Coffee and Shortbread hearts

Thank you and Happy New Year

The Village Hall Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Christmas Tea

The Christmas Crumpets were as popular this year as last, and much appreciated by everyone.The Raffle was spectacular yet again, with hampers generously overflowing with enough ingredients to make sure the winners never had to set foot in a supermarket for the rest of the Christmas!   There was festive stuff in great abundance including superb table decorations and mossed baskets of Cyclamen, Christmas Roses and Pointsettias, together with ribbons, candles and holly. A wonderful array of home baked cakes, which were also packaged ‘to go’ for later consumption.

Thank you to everyone who supported this event. Together, we raised spirits as well as  £440.80 which will go towards the upkeep of the Village Hall.


Christmas Tea 2014

Christmas Tea 2014

Cakes packed to go

Cakes packed to go

Planted Festive Baskets

Planted Festive Baskets


The  Artisan Christmas Market  held in mid- November, kicked off the season of goodwill in Linton.

The Cigarette Card Stall

The Cigarette Card Stall

The heady aroma of cinnamon, spices and mulled wine was a warm welcome to customers, coming in from the late afternoon chill. The sounds of carols and friends greeting each other, along with the fabulous samples to be tasted, contributed to a really festive and sociable ‘party’ atmosphere.The Hall was filled with Artisan makers both inside and out, manning their stalls and greeting friends old and new. All the work was made by local producers within the Herefordshire/Gloucestershire border. There was certainly much to admire, and lots of opportunity to search out beautiful quality presents for friends and family.

I fell in love with a selection of scarves from the local weaver group ‘Weavepoint’ who meet and work in the hall on various Fridays. The herringbone linens were a particular favourite.  The exotic fragrances of hand-made soaps from the Mitcheldean Soap Company carried on the festive theme- amongst them; ginger and cinnamon.  An amazing selection to choose from – customers had great fun matching gifts to friends, and thank you very much Sara for your blog entry  – much appreciated!

The 'Weavepoint' Stall

The ‘Weavepoint’ Stall

In the ‘foodie’ area of the small committee room were Greggs Pit  Perry– who were a very popular addition to the event, and Forager’s Chutneys  who produced the loveliest accompaniment  for crackers and cheese, and probably perry, too! For those with a sweet tooth, Mark Baker creates the most exquisite chocolates and Carol’s Cakes which are really works of art, and truly too handsome to be eaten, handmade with the finest ingredients. Carol donated all the proceeds from her stall to the Village Hall, a really lovely gesture, thank you Carol.

There were hand-made cards by Hilary Westmacott, and lovely delicate and sparkly earrings and necklaces from Bethany Davies jewellery. There were some highly practical and robust baskets from  Wild Wicker Baskets to bring home the yule log, and practical presents  including trays, servers,  platters and boxes from ‘Kitchenwood’ by Ben Casson.  From wood to wool as ‘Presents with Paws’ featured  charmingly characterful  studies of domestic animals in felt-  an ideal gift for anyone with pets.  There were more animal studies from Simon Probyn, who makes sculpture from recycled materials, with a particularly festive (and popular) robin amongst other pieces. If you were interested in the real thing, Harvey’s Birdfeeders and Bird Food should be on your list. Harvey was one of our youngest producers and had really considered his product, and business. Even humble bird food, considerately wrapped as this, makes a great gift. Loved the look by the way!  Also braving the chill outside was Molly and her Natural Christmas Decorations; Hand-made holly wreaths,   garlands, orbs, table and tree decorations, and mistletoe for kissing, completed the Christmas experience.  Lastly, who could forget Ray and his collections of vintage Cigarette Cards, – a really thoughtful present for anyone – just choose your theme, from poppies to pinks, or old fashioned stars of the early films to space travel. Incredible and perfect.

The Artisan Christmas Market raised £254.75 which will go towards the upkeep of the Village Hall.

Thank you to everyone who supported this event and those who stayed until the late hours to clear away – much appreciated.

Thank you to Mitcheldean Soap for your lovely blog entry about the  Artisan Christmas Market.  To read Sara’s blog go to

Xmas market 2014 leaflet



“In support of the Royal British Legion ‘Lights Out’

The Church Bell will sound from 9.45 until 10pm. All are welcome to gather at the War Memorial in the Graveyard, where the candle will be lit at 10pm, after the lights from the Church and Village Hall  will have been extinguished. Weather permitting, people may choose to drift home, retire to the Alma Inn, or walk along Linton Ridge in a landscape that so many young men would never see again. With our own thoughts we will head home at 11pm.”

The Memorial in the Churchyard

The Memorial in the Churchyard

The 'Lights Out' Candle

IMG_4761IMG_4765The ‘Lights Out’ Candle



Exhibition of Paintings by Chris Westmacott 

A wonderful evening was had by all at the Preview Party on Friday 11th July to open the Exhibition of Chris’s work.

All proceeds went to the Fabric Fund of the Church of St. Mary’s Linton, to help with the costs of the repairs to The Wall.  A grand total of £911.00 was made by the sale of paintings, coffee, teas and homemade cakes, made and donated by residents of the village.

Chris’s wife Hilary, made pressed flower cards and generously divided the proceeds of these between the Village Hall and the Church.

Many thanks to Mr and Mrs. R. Barnes for their kind donation to the refreshments, and to everyone who visited  the exhibition,  made cakes,  canapes,  and especially  to those of you who purchased a painting.

Chris was very pleased and surprised with the positive response to his work.


Music Folk Enjoy Breakfasts and Teas at Linton Music Festival







Volunteers from Linton Village really pulled it together last weekend, demonstrating enthusiastic community spirit to support the Linton Music Festival.

Music fans from all over the country and places as far away as Holland (and Dudley) came and enjoyed cooked breakfasts in the Village Hall and homemade teas at the Linton Village Teas Stall, with all profits raised in aid of the upkeep of the Church and Village Hall.

Over 200 ‘Festival Breakfasts’ were served from the newly re-fitted kitchen. The refurbishment was made possible by a grant from ‘Awards for All’.   The atmosphere in the hall was described as ‘electric, with everyone being so happy and so pleasant’ by one delighted villager.

The tea stall was also incredibly successful with queues forming for Carol’s cheesecakes and Sacha’s Strawberry Gateaux and particularly the scones, jam and cream!

 The most impressive thing though was the community coming together to support the Festival; volunteers from the Church and the Village Hall worked tirelessly and had a great time whilst doing so. There was general agreement that much more was achieved than simply fund-raising.

Comments from those involved demonstrated what a good time everyone had in working together;

Paul Taylor, husband of Janet who brilliantly masterminded the organisation of the catering events, summed it up beautifully by saying “I just wish to say what a fantastic effort everyone made over the weekend, it was great to be a small part of such a great team who worked so well together!  Regardless of any proceeds, it was wonderful to see everyone enjoying working together, being so professional and in such harmony!”

Another volunteer, Jo Davies, described it perfectly as “A moment in our lives to say ….. Wow….That was really great!  So lucky to be with such lovely people, and together supporting the village hall and church.”

Another volunteer said “…We had nothing but gratitude from all those who enjoyed the bumper breakfasts and teatime treats,” and “…It was great to see practically the whole village coming together to lend a hand whether baking, serving, washing up or cooking.”

What a weekend! Many thanks must go to the Linton Festival organisers and particularly Graham at the Alma for inviting the Village Hall Committee and Church to get involved together in this way.






Pictured are members of the Teams letting off steam at the Festival, and a delighted ‘Chip Shop Dave’ from Dudley who was surprised with a bread pudding (with no fruit) made especially for him, by one of the ladies of the village. You don’t get that kind of service at Glastonbury…


………… and then it was all over… after the final cake was served and the last cup of tea was drunk…the Ladies (and Gents) in Red,  went home, and ….no they didn’t – they partied the night away!



Kitchen Christening Coffee Morning Saturday 31st May, 10.00

We have recently refurbished our village hall kitchen thanks to our Award for All Grant and Village Hall fundraising activities.  Thank you so much to you  all who have helped, baked and attended our events over the last 2 years.

To officially open the kitchen and to allow for our users to familiarise themselves with the new equipment we ran a Coffee Morning


Have you completed our online Survey? 

Click Here

We really would like to know what you think and how we can improve our services.

Kitchen Refurbishment

This is due to go ahead very soon!

We would like to ensure that the old kitchen and some of the equipment are disposed of considerately and to this end invite reasonable offers for part or all of the kitchen to include the range cooker and cupboards and worktops.

 ‘Rumble in the Jumble’ Sale

Thank you so much for making our event such a success!  This was the best ever  since records began, so a heartfelt  ‘many thanks’ to all of you kind folk who donated stuff,  bought stuff and came and had tea and cakes. We had loads of fun and I think everyone had a great time. We raised over #1000 for the refurbishment of the kitchen and hopefully you’ll all notice the difference next year! Pictures to follow…


Check out our events page for news about our Valentine’s coffee morning and the Rumble in the Jumble.







A gentle reminder to a individuals, groups and societies locally that we have excellent facilities for hire.

IMG_4763IMG_4765IMG_4770Linton Village Hall  hall09-01