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The Linton Festival

The Linton Festival was started in 2001 when some of the regulars of The Alma Inn realised it would be cheaper to get The Producers to come to Linton, rather than hire a mini bus and drive all the way to Poole in Dorset… so they booked the weekend and got the beer in…

This festival has camping, be prepared and bring a torch with you

The festival is run by volunteers and donates money to charity

The Chimes

Community newsletter serving Linton & Bromsash, Upton Bishop, Aston Ingham & Gorsley

Gorsley Village Website

Community Website serving Gorsley Village

Upton Bishop Village Website

A very informative site for all those wanting to know what is going on in Upton Bishop

Aston Ingham Village Website

Find out what is going on in Aston Ingham

Linton Parish Council

The parish comprises the villages of Bromsash, Gorsley and Linton